‘I’m a flight attendant – passengers look me up on social media to ask me out’

A flight attendant has revealed that passengers sometimes look her up online – and ask her to date them.

Emma Taylor has been a flight attendant for Ryanair for just five months, but she’s already experienced plenty of surprising moments in the sky.

Whether that’s annoying passengers refusing to understand the rules when in the extra legroom seats, or her worries about 5G phone calls that are becoming legal in the EU.

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But, Emma also claims that there are plenty of romances while at 35,000ft between crew.

She told the Daily Star: “I’m not too sure about crew-passenger romances, but I’ve definitely come across a lot of crew romances in the industry.

“There tends to be many crew [members] who are actually together or married whilst working together or even pilots and cabin crew!”

But, Emma claims that’s not something she’s after – and she wouldn’t want to date a passenger either.

She said: “I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

However, some holidaymakers are keener than others and hunt her down online.

Emma laughed: “I know sometimes passengers do find our social media [pages] and message us! I had that happen to me once – a guy found me on Facebook and asked me on a date. I have a boyfriend so obviously I didn’t want to but it happens a lot!”

We’ve previously heard from another flight attendant who claimed that pilots and cabin crew would hook up while flying.

On Reddit, they said:”When ever a pilot has to pee or the flight attendants has to go in to the flight deck so there are always two people in there at all times.

“Often pilots will use this as an excuse to join the mile high club with the attendants.”

Plus, Love Island’s Lucinda Stafford claimed the situation was fairly common when pilots and crew have time off at hotels between flights.

She commented: “You do hear stories of cabin crew going back with the pilots, making it very awkward the next day.”


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