‘I’m a hotel cleaner and you should always flush the toilet when you arrive’

Worried about finding an unpleasant surprise in a hotel room? A hotel worker has warned tourists to always flush the toilet if they’re staying in a warm country.

They shared the insider information with the travel expert team at eshores and said there’s a specific reason to flush the toilet first.

The spokesperson said: “If you’re heading to a hotel in a hotter climate, hotel staff have one key piece of advice.

“Flush the toilet when you first get to your room after check-in, or when returning after a day out.

“In hotter locations, the toilet bowl and under the seat makes the perfect hiding spot for creepy crawlies, especially spiders.

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“Unless you want to risk an unpleasant shock, don’t sit down without flushing first.”

In warm countries such as Thailand or Australia, bugs could hide under the toilet seat and give holidaymakers a nasty surprise.

Flushing the toilet should reveal any hidden creepy crawlies. The problem is likely to be worse if the room has been empty for a while between guests.

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The worker added: “For most hotels, particularly budget options, housekeeping will do a quick turnover of the room between guests.

“This includes cleaning surfaces, hoovering and changing bedding, but they often must be in and out within 15 minutes, meaning the inside of wardrobes or drawers aren’t cleaned every time.

“Hotel cleaners have found intimate items are some of the most common things left behind in hotel rooms,usually in the bedside drawer, so giving them a quick wipe down helps give you peace of mind.”

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The worker recommended bringing a pack of antibacterial wipes to wipe down any surfaces that look unclean.

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