‘I’m an easyJet pilot and you need extra training to land at these airports’

easyJet pilot answers question about additional training

Love looking out the window as the plane comes into land? While passengers can sit back, relax and enjoy the flight, pilots sometimes have to navigate some tricky landings.

An easyJet pilot took to TikTok to share which of the airline’s destinations are the trickiest for landings. He said: “There are a few airfields around the easyJet network that require additional training in the simulators due to their complexity.”

Airports could be more complex for landings due to short runways, height above sea level or tricky terrain. Pilots will undertake extra training before landing in these spots.

Some of the trickiest landings are in top destinations across Europe, including a popular Portuguese hotspot with “challenging winds”.

So where are the most difficult landings in Europe?

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Funchal, Madeira

The Portuguese island of Madeira is often known as ‘Europe’s Hawaii’ but it’s also home to one of the continent’s most difficult airports to land at.

The pilot said: “That’s got a bit of terrain there and some challenging winds to negotiate so you have to have additional training for that.”

Funchal was once ranked the ninth most dangerous airport in the world by the History Channel’s Most Extreme Airports.

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Mykonos, Greece

Known for stunning beaches, buzzing nightlife and idyllic villages, Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular destinations.

The pilots said the Greek island has a “very short, narrow runway” that can make it a complex landing.

Pilots will likely spend extra time in the simulator before landing a passenger plane on the Greek island.

Innsbruck, Austria

The pilot said: “For that one, the captain and the first officer will both need additional training in the simulator. And then they’ll need to fly there with the training captain before being able to fly there with passengers.”

Innsbruck is a particularly difficult airport to land at due to the mountainous terrain and the Alps can create strong winds and currents.

Another of the world’s most difficult landings is located in one of the world’s least visited countries.

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