‘I’m plus sized and love to travel the world – I just ignore the haters’

A fashion and travel influencer has shared her tips for fellow plus sized travellers – including checking rollercoaster rules before you book.

Sandae Cooke, from Texas, an Instagram star who goes by Curvy Girl on the Run spoke to the Daily Star about her glam life travelling the world.

The “plus size blogger” has over 62,000 followers, @curvygirlontherun, and has won awards for her travel writing.

She started her blog before Instagram blew up in 2013 to “encourage women of all sizes how to get dressed” and eventually expanded into travel and lifestyle two and a half years ago.

Now, Sandae hopes to “inspire others to get dressed and live a fulfilling life no matter their size”, she told the Daily Star.

While the blogger has no qualms about jetting off around the world, it can be intimidating for some larger bodied people.

Tiny plane seats, weight limits and views on body size in other cultures can make holidays difficult for anyone who wears a larger size.

But, Sandae shared some of her advice for people who want to explore our big, blue planet.

She told Daily Star: “I personally haven’t experienced a lot of issues traveling. However, I’m very aware that a lot of my fellow plus size babes have had issues.

“I would encourage the following before traveling: check out the airline policy for booking a second seat so you have plenty of room (some then refund after the travel for the second seat) and they have seatbelt extenders if you need them.

“Visiting an amusement park I would check out the ride measurements online first to make sure you’d have plenty of room.”

It's worth noting that some theme parks do have additional seats built for anyone who needs a larger than standard size so these can be a great option.

Sandae continued: “When doing water activities make sure they have a wetsuit that would fit.

“These are just a few examples of things I’ve come across but with social media, you do a little research before you go and feel more prepared and at ease.”

Sandae does feel that airlines could increase their seat sizes though to accommodate different sizes.

She noted: “I still think airline seats are small in general as they try to fit more and more people on planes. That being said, I try to choose seats with a little more leg room and check out the widths of seats to pick one where I will be comfortable.”

But, she says there are things you can buy to improve your trip too.

Sandae explained: “Some people invest in items depending on where they travel like a snowsuit or wetsuit. A seatbelt extender can be purchased and brought with you on the plane.”

Sandae’s favourite place to travel is Round Top, Texas, “which has a small population but some of the best food, drinks, boutique hotels and antiques shows”.

If you’re looking to travel to somewhere accepting then she doesn’t think you need to worry much.

Sandae commented: “Depending on culture could be whether or not plus size bodies are more accepted or not.

“I think parts of Europe for instance really love plus size bodies and then others have a clear disdain for them. The same can be said for most places though.

“As you begin to love yourself in whatever body you have, you’ll notice you don’t see the haters or the people looking at you in the swimsuit on the beach because you’re having too much fun!”

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If you’re still concerned about travelling, the blogger said: “I would say that if you want to take the trip, take the trip!

“Get out and enjoy life! We only have one to live! That being said, do plenty of research before you book/go so you are aware of the potential challenges that you might have.

“There are so many great resources online now so you can get all of the info that you need.”


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