‘Insane’ – Airbnb cancel bookings in Liverpool to relist for £8,000

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Hotels, Airbnbs and other accommodations are reportedly cancelling pre-existing bookings in Liverpool after it was announced the city will host the Eurovision contest next year.

Eurovision will take place in Liverpool on May 13, 2023, after the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) decided it wouldn’t be safe to hold the contest in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

Now, tourists are reporting their pre-booked accommodation has been cancelled and is advertised at a much higher price.

Prices of accommodation in Liverpool on the Eurovision weekend have skyrocketed. Some Airbnb hosts are advertising flats and houses for more than £10,000 while Booking.com reported 99 percent of its accommodation is fully booked.

Only a few hotels are still available on the booking site which advertise for up to £2,000.

Some tourists who have booked accommodation in Liverpool for May 23 found their bookings were suddenly cancelled after the announcement was made earlier this week.

Many found their hotels and apartments are available again at a much higher price and took to social media to share their frustration.

On Twitter, user Buzz O’Neill-Maxwell, commented: “Was on the ball ages ago and had hotel rooms on hold in Liverpool and Glasgow in anticipation of the Eurovision announcement on @bookingcom.

“Then this message and the booking gets cancelled (nothing wrong with my credit card at all of course.) Total chancers. Prices now are insane.”

Social media user @PeterJHolland said: “Booked and paid for an Airbnb in Liverpool for Eurovision for the weekend.

“Twelve hours later and the booking has been cancelled and re-listed an eye-watering 204 percent increase. Cheers guys, you absolute chancers.”

Another one, @debbief135, had booked a hotel for a wedding she had that same weekend and found her reservation was cancelled straight after the announcement.

She explained: “We had four rooms booked for a wedding in Liverpool on May 13, suddenly got an amendment on my booking telling me my booking is now for May 14.

“My booking which was £260 is now £3,500. Booking.com are now fighting it for us.”

Another visitor received an email from Airbnb after they booked a stay in Liverpool saying: “We are so excited on your stay.

“However, the property will no longer be available on these dates. Please accept the cancellation request to receive a full refund.”

When the person asked why their booking was being cancelled they replied: “Apologies, it’s an error on the booking calendar.”

A one-night stay in Liverpool on May 13 costs £5,760 on average when booking an apartment for two people.

A two-bedroom home can be found for £5,375, and bigger houses advertise for over £8,000 per night.

The Eurovision contest will be paid for by a combination of local and national Government funding, as well as by broadcasters.

Express.co.uk has contacted Airbnb and Booking.com for comment.

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