Inside secret ‘invite-only’ Cinderella Suite at Disney World where celebs stay

Footage of Disney World's mysterious Cinderella Castle Suite has left fans drooling in envy – with the super-exclusive apartment impossible to book.

Instead, you have to be invited to stay at the fairytale castle and very few Disney World guests have ever set foot inside.

The video gives a guided tour of the rooms, with marble floors, stained glass windows, cute his and her sinks, and even a keepsake glass slipper on a cushion to polish the look.

"Not many people get to come up here, so here is a quick look at one of our favourite places," a guide says as the camera sweeps through the doors and into the "royal bed chamber".

Two four-poster beds sit side-by-side, with embroidered quilts and a golden "C" embossed into the wood to signify "Prince Charming" – who of course married Cinderella.

A fireplace sits opposite the beds and a portrait of Cinderella hangs above it.

There is also a TV cleverly disguised as a fancy mirror whenever it is turned off.

Stained glass windows tell the romantic rags-to-riches story of Cinderella with detailed pictures painted in the frames.

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Even more elaborate is the bathroom, which is surrounded by lush murals and a midnight-blue ceiling containing dozens of tiny lights to look like the starlit sky.

Tom Cruise and Mariah Carey are among the A-lister celebrities who have stayed in the apartment, according to

The video was uploaded by @disneyparks official account on TikTok and set fans into a swooning frenzy, as many admitted it their greatest dream to stay in the suite.

One gushed: "Life goal: Stay in the Cinderella Suite."

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"Spending a night here would definitely be the highlight and best day of my life," said another fan.

Hinting heavily, a Disney fan said: "Would someone be able to do a random tour of the suite?

"I promise I would not touch anything I just want to sob and look quietly over its beauty."

Someone else wrote: "I am desperate to have my wedding trip here and sleep in the castle."

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