Inside ‘selfish’ influencer’s ‘essential’ Dubai trip that has left Britons fuming

Holly Willoughby grills influencer who travelled to Dubai

Dubai is a well-known destination for attracting influencers. However, will travel currently banned due to the lockdown in place in the UK, jet-setting anywhere is off the cards. One influencer appeared on ITV’s This Morning today to claim her visit to Dubai is “essential”- but has attracted much wrath online for doing so.

Sheridan Mordew spoke to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her time in Dubai.

Sheridan argued she had travelled to Dubai in order to produce content necessary for her business to flourish.

She said: “I think in a world where you can be anything be kind.

“People forget about that and my job is to help people get fit and be motivational whether it’s in the house or it’s in Dubai.”

This Morning showed a clip of Sheridan riding a camel in Dubai as well as enjoying some time by the pool.

Her fitness Instagram page shapeupwithsher is also awash with images of Sheridan revelling in her time in the sun, hanging out in beach clubs and with friends.

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However, her personal Instagram has been changed to private since her appearance on ITV.

Twitter users were quick to snap back at the influencer.

“Sheridan Mordew on #ThisMorning is such an idiot,” one wrote.

“Would be lovely if we were all selfish enough to fly off to Dubai to get some rays and pretend it’s essential.

“She needed to go to Dubai to make OTHER people feel less ‘anxious’? Shut up love.”

Another posted: “This ‘influencer’ on this morning, Sheridan Mordew, trying to justify her fleeing the UK to ‘work’ in Dubai during a global pandemic just proved how stupid these people are.”

A third commented: “#sheridanMordew on This Morning. Never heard or seen anything so inexcusable when millions are struggling. Can she really believe she motivates people?!”

On This Morning, Holly quizzed Sheridan on her motives: “When you say ‘be kind’ when we see how stretched the NHS is and those nurses that working really hard and all they are saying is ‘Please stay home, do the right thing, stay home.’

“And you’re saying ‘be kind’ are you being kind to them by encouraging others to travel for what you deem is essential work?”

Some thought Holly and Phillip hadn’t taken a hard enough stance in their interview.

“Phil & Holly far too easy on #sheridanmordew,” one tweeted.

“She threw the mental health card in to try to justify why she flew off to Dubai (illegally) stating she’s an essential worker.

“Total insult to actual essential workers and those truly suffering with their mental health.”

Sheridan took to her Instagram to share a story in repsonse to the “hate” she’s received online.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the support of the interivew this morning,” she said.

“Not everyone’s going to agree with this topic in any way, obviously I knew that was gonna go on the show.

“At the end of the day, it is all comes down to mental health, and a lot of my girls are struggling to finally do something about that. Obviously, my mental health was struggling, and the only way I could see an opportunity was to do what makes me happy personally.

“You know it’s like a lot of people are giving me hate, because they’re not happy with their lives, and at the end of the day, this is my life. And if I can find opportunity to get out there and help others and do what I want to do… then, I don’t find a problem with it.”

She added: “And obviously we know how hard it is on the NHS at the minute the struggles and all that kind of stuff but then you’ve got to understand that if you get too involved, that kind of stress, the pressure, it will bring you into depression.

“A lot of people aren’t thinking about this… all they’re doing is looking at other people’s lives and focusing their energy on their lives.

“Life’s not about judging other people it’s about being the best that you can be and it’s about staying in your own lane, and it’s about being kind.” has contacted Sheridan for comment.

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