Instagram model earns £53k-a-year by posting sexy snaps in exotic locations

With an army of 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Alexa Dellanos earns herself an eye-watering sum of money from her sexy posts.

The 23-year-old, from Miami, Florida, charges $6,000 (£4,896) per social media post when she jets around the world with her boyfriend Alec Monopoly.

Despite previously training to become a broadcast journalist, the beauty now earns a whopping $65,000 (£53,045) a year by posting sexy selfies in exotic locations.

She said: “I honestly didn’t realise how much money was in Instagram alone until I started making it, now I feel that the sky is the limit.

“I decided I would be making three times more on social media than my salary as a journalist – it would’ve been an amazing opportunity to open doors for me in the entertainment industry, but I am opening those doors myself now.”

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Alexa’s new glamorous life consists of globe trotting with her artist boyfriend, who has a net worth of $12 million (£9.7 million).

As well as crafting her own image, the bombshell is currently busy making her own line of special active wear “to make girls booties look amazing”.

Although her life appears to be a dream-life fantasy, Alexa claims there have been a few negatives to her lifestyle.

She added: “I received flowers to the lobby of my apartment three years ago and a card from an anonymous Instagram follower asking to marry me.

"It was so scary because I didn't think anyone knew where I lived, but I have moved out since then.

“I've also received d**k pics from strangers, but I immediately block the sender because it's so gross to me.”

To keep her jaw-dropping physique, Alexa has been following a strict vegan diet for five years and has spent over $15,000 (£12,241) on cosmetic surgery.

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Alexa revealed: “I got surgery to enhance what I already had but it definitely helped me gain a strong following in only a year and a half.

"I had my breast augmentation in 2018 for $15,000 and my lip fillers for approximately $2,000 (£1600). I also enhanced my booty a little which I will discuss on my YouTube channel soon.”

Above all, Alexa has claimed she has been taught some valuable lessons as an Instagram influencer.

“I've learnt to never let the attention get to my head because no matter how big or small you are online, you are still just human,” she explained.

She concluded: “Although I enjoy posting sexy photos and luxury lifestyle posts, I also try to post things that truly matter. I want to share positive energy to everyone I meet and to anyone who looks at my life through social media.”

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