Jack Vettriano reveals why Nice is the perfect city for artists

Painter Jack Vettriano recalls his travel adventures and reveals why Nice is the perfect city for artists

  • Jack Vettriano shares his recommendations for Nice – the city where he lives 
  • The painter recalls his earliest holiday memory – playing on a beach in Fife
  • He also reveals the best hotel he has ever been to – The Negresco in Nice 

Painter Jack Vettriano, who has revealed his holiday memories

So what is Jack Vettriano’s earliest holiday memory and how does he relax when away? 

Here, the painter talks about the best hotel he has been to, his favourite holiday pastimes and shares his recommendations for Nice, where he lives… 

What is your earliest holiday memory?

Playing on the beach at Leven, Fife, with my brother as a lad.

You live in Nice — any recommendations?

The French city is perfect for an artist because of the light. I live between the Picasso and Matisse museums, both of which continue to inspire me.

I also love the Colombe d’Or restaurant, where you can dine among Picassos, Miros and the works of Matisse and Chagall.

Does anything about the Riviera turn you off?

There’s too much CCTV and excess.

What is a typical holiday day?

I start a painting, then go for a swim and sunbathe, before going back to finish the painting. I adore the heat.

Best hotel?

The Negresco in Nice. I love walking past it at night. When the Negresco sign lights up, it’s magical. 

Jack lives in Nice, pictured, which he says is perfect for an artist because of the light

All the doormen are dressed in top hats and breeches from another era. The sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle in the lobby are delightfully surreal, too.

Favourite holiday pastime?

Classic cars and beautiful women.

Where else have you lived?

Bahrain for a year when I was 24. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to go back. 

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