Jet2 passenger faces ‘harsh reality’ after £4 roll looks nothing like menu pic

A Jet2 passenger was gobsmacked when he ordered a £4.30 baguette and realised it looked nothing like the menu picture.

Alex Holowko called it "food you should never eat on an airplane" in a video he posted after using the budget airline to fly from Scotland to Madeira in Portugal back in March.

In the video, he shows the egg and tomato roll on the menu, which is described as "creamy egg mayonnaise and roasted tomato on rye bread".

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"This is the food they served me during the flight, a very accurate representation," Alex said while waiting for the food and zooming in to show the picture of a fluffy rye bread filled with eggs and tomatoes.

"This is what I thought it would look like."

When he gets the snack and flips open the bread, he barely notices any egg mayonnaise in the filling and only finds a few chopped tomatoes squashed in the middle.

Alex reacts: "The shocking reality…what the hell?"

Viewers were quick to share their thoughts, with many asking Alex: "What did you expect?"

Another stressed: "It's a budget airline."

"That's why I think it's best sometimes just to grab a meal deal from the airport to take on with you," a third suggested to Alex.

In May, an easyJet passenger had had the same experience when he ordered a vegetable baguette on board.

The roasted vegetable and hummus baguette was far from what he saw on the menu and he dubbed it the "worst airline food".

The traveller shared on Twitter: "I then sent the sandwich back, and got me a new one.

"Is this any better?

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"A crew member then told me, 'You know, the food and the picture are not the same'."

A spokesperson for Jet2 told Daily Star: "We’re proud to deliver an award-winning experience from the moment people start their holidays with us, including our in-flight food and drinks.

"Our in-flight meals and sandwiches consistently receive great feedback from customers, so we’d like to apologise to the customer for any inconvenience caused on this isolated occasion.

"We will look into this with our supplier."


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