Lad flies from Manchester to Magaluf to eat full English breakfast for under £15

Everyone loves a cheap meal out, but with the cost-of-living climbing the price of a restaurant meal is quickly rising.

But, it seems one bloke found a loophole that combined not only a fry up, but a holiday.

Ben Matthew Sanders managed to fly from Manchester to Magaluf and scran a double Full English at a resort for a tiny £14.45.

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According to the Metro, the average price of a fry up in the UK is £12.50.

Meaning that Ben managed to travel to Spain for his meal for less than £2 more than he’d pay at his local greasy spoon.

The lad managed to snap up his flight for just £10 on January 28.

He went on to grab a free bus and stop off at a local cafe to dine on an English fry up for five euros (£4.45.)

What a bargain!

Ben spent the day in Magaluf shelling out just £30.45 in total… which is incredible considering the price of food and drink in the UK right now.

On top of his flight out and fry up, Ben also paid £4 for the train to Manchester Airport and £12 on his return flight.

He commented: “I was thinking about how everything is going in the UK with the cost of living crisis and wanted to see how far I could make my money go.

“I also wanted to show others how they could save money by thinking outside of the box.

“I didn’t tally up the full costs as I wanted to factor in the flights and the food. I have a railcard so I saved money on the train and it was still so cheap and I went to another country."

He continued: “The total cost is still cheaper than some breakfasts in the UK and it shows people they can save money if they’re more creative.

“Even if that means your local store is a Waitrose and you get a bus and go further afield to Aldi it can save you £30, that sort of thing. I’m not encouraging everyone to go to Spain for breakfast.”

Ben isn’t the only person to prove that it’s cheaper to fly abroad for a meal than stay in the UK.

Earlier this week, a young lad decided to fly all the way to Milan, in Italy, to dine on a pizza.

Callum Ryan managed to jet off to Milan and buy a pizza for just £17.73 – he calculated that it was £2.27 cheaper than ordering pizza delivered to his home

His flight to Italy was a tiny £8 while he then spent £10 on pizza.


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