Lad’s 14-hour ‘booze marathon’ at party paradise with 80p pints ends terribly

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    A bloke was left red-faced when he went on a 14-hour "booze marathon" – and ended up getting "blackout drunk".

    Dylan, from Hampshire, and pal, Oli, had flown to a notorious party town Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, famous for its 80p pints.

    On the second day of their holiday, they joined a party crew that took them on six bar crawls and a booze cruise.

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    Proud Hampshire lad Dylan spoke on camera in E4 programme, Emergency on Sunny Beach, that they got lucky with the girls on the trip.

    "We are popular with the girls, there are a lot of men in Sunny Beach but they don't have the game," he said.

    As the day passed, Dylan ended up sleeping on a lounge chair while friend, Oli, worked his charm.

    But it appeared that 14 hours of solid drinking may have defeated Dylan.

    "I can't take it, I can't take it. Mate, I'm blind," Dylan told one of the crews, who ushered him to follow the group to the next club.

    Barely opening his eyes, he struggled to get his balance and fell backwards on the beach.

    In the interview after the incident, he told the producer: "I would say I was blackout drunk. I don't remember anything."

    The staff gave him a hint and told him that he was carried off by two girls.

    "Oh no, no. I got carried off," Dylan covered his face and continued: "I'm nervous of where I've been carried off to.

    "I don't know where I've been carried off to, but at least I'm here in one piece, though.

    "I've been drinking for like 13, 14 hours at this point. I actually don't know about what I'd done and that's what's bad."

    When the party crew reached their final stop at Club Viking, Dylan was missing in action.

    Friend Oli sid: "Last time I saw Dylan, I can't remember. He was all right. He was a bit drunk, obviously, we are on a night out.

    "But other than that, I haven't seen him, mate."

    Dubbed as "UK's Blackpool", a holiday worker called it the best time spent as he vowed to "sh*g at least 12 women" in the space of three weeks


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