Mallorca flight horror: Flight from Birmingham sees passenger get ‘part of ear bitten off’

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The commotion happened after the plane touched down at the airport in Palma on Thursday night but has just come to light. The flight had taken off from Birmingham a few hours earlier but as it approached the holiday island, the crew requested the police due to an incident. According to the Civil Guard, there had been “conflictive behaviour” on board, involving a 29-year-old Brit.

The man had reportedly wanted a drink but the crew refused to serve him.

In “a state of intoxication”, said the police, he ignored instructions from the crew and tried to open the beverage compartment on the plane.

At one stage, he even took a drink off another passenger and drank it.

Once the aircraft had touched down in Palma, police went on board and were talking to the crew about what had happened on the steps of the plane.

“They then noticed that a fight that was taking place inside the plane,” said the police.

“Upon entering, they found the young man assaulting another passenger, whose right ear had been partially bit off. The man was reduced and immobilised by the Civil Guards who arrested him.”

The passenger who was bitten was said to have been a friend of the arrested Brit.

He was transferred to a clinic in Palma where he was admitted due to his injuries. Officers who intervened were treated at the same airport for minor injuries.

The Civil Guard said in a statement that it is responsible for intervening in such incidents which “are not very frequent” as it is “responsible for security and public order in all the facilities of the restricted area of the airports, as well as inside the aircraft both arrival and departure.”

No details were given about the airline. The Brit was arrested for an alleged offence of causing injury.

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