Mallorca Just Opened a Female-centric Hotel With a 'No Men Allowed' Policy

Traveling solo, especially as a woman, can be particularly difficult at times. One of the most pressing issues women face while traveling alone can be finding places that feel completely safe.

The rise of women-only travel opportunities, including tour groups, adventure packages, city guides, or even entire private islands where women are the only guests allowed, has become even more popular over the years as women are increasingly choosing to take solo trips.

And now there's one hotel in Mallorca, Spain that is only available to women and girls who are over 14, Insider reported.

Som Dona Hotel, near Porto Cristo, is the first hotel in Spain to cater exclusively to women. The modern hotel is entirely designed with women in mind, including relaxing common areas by the beautiful pool and on the rooftop; comfortable and gorgeously decorated rooms; a plethora of spa, fitness, and wellness packages; health-focused food options; and a very chic bar area, according to Insider.

Women Only Hotel in Mallorca
Women Only Hotel in Mallorca

The hotel itself has 39 rooms and a “no men allowed” policy. So, there’s no sneaking men into your room at night. However, the hotel employs men as well as women as part of their staff, in order to comply with discrimination laws in the country.

Guests can choose between a double room, a double room with a pool view, or a Splendit double room, Insider reported. The Splendit double room has two single beds pushed together for a larger sleeping space as well as added perks like aromatherapy, robes, and a personal minibar.

The hotel welcomes women of all sexual orientations, according to Insider, and is good for solo travelers as well as couples, mothers and daughters, or big groups. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to go on a trip with your girl group, here’s your sign.

The best part, though, is that the hotel is reasonably priced. Room rates fall between $80 and $176 (including breakfast), and you have access not only to all the amazing services at the hotel but also local points of interest including beaches, cave tours, and shopping.

For more information or to book a trip, visit the Som Dona Hotel website.

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