Man loses it after realising he’d flown to the wrong city

A man has been caught on camera yelling at cabin crew after his flight landed in the wrong Italian city.

The man was carrying a boarding pass for a Ryanair flight to Cagliari in Sardinia, where he was visiting a sick friend.

But it wasn’t until the plane landed in Bari, thousands of kilometres from Sardinia on the southeast coast of mainland Italy, he realised he was on the wrong flight.

A video filmed by a fellow passenger captures the man yelling in Italian to flight attendants after he made the discovery.

He said it was their responsibility to make sure he hadn’t boarded the wrong flight at Pisa Airport.

“I went to the wrong gate? And how did you manage to get me through ticket checks?” he yelled at the crew.

“I have to meet a friend who is sick in Cagliari. I spent 400 euros. I have no money left.”

The man had bought a ticket to Cagliari, Sardinia, but somehow ended up in the city of Bari, the capital city of Puglia, instead.Source:Supplied

The passenger who filmed the outburst, Vito Scotella, told CNN the man might have boarded the wrong plane after passing through the correct gate, as passengers had to walk across the tarmac to reach the aircraft at Pisa Airport.

“The flight to Cagliari was late, so the two boardings were really close to each other,” he said,

“The man got confused. Also, they probably didn’t check his ticket when he got on the plane.”

Mr Scotella said the man had no idea the plane was bound for Bari until the very end of the flight.

“He said the landscape was different from Cagliari,” he told CNN.

“Then he started insulting the flight assistants, arguing they let him pass through the gates.”

Ryanair told Italian newspaper La Repubblica it was investigating the incident.

It’s not common, but passengers have arrived in different cities than their intended destination, whether due to their own fault or that of the airline.

Ryanair said it was investigating the incident. Picture: Pau Barrena/AFPSource:AFP

In March, a British Airways flight from London to Dusseldorf in Germany wound up in Edinburgh after the incorrect papers for the flight were submitted.

Passengers bound for Dusseldorf were dumbfounded and understandably irate after their plane landed and the captain welcomed them all “to Edinburgh”.

On other occasions, passengers have simply booked themselves onto the wrong flight.

A British man who had saved up for a dream holiday in Costa Rica in 2017 was horrified to discover he’d accidentally booked flights to San Jose, California, instead of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Steven Roberts discovered the mistake just before he boarded the California-bound flight in London.

And the previous year, a couple’s dream holiday to Las Vegas was ruined when they booked flights out of the wrong city of Birmingham.

British pair Richella Heekin and Ben Marlow, who were going to Las Vegas to celebrate Mr Marlow’s 30th birthday, meant to fly out of Birmingham in England’s West Midlands but accidentally booked the flight out of Birmingham, Alabama. The couple lost all $2300 they had paid towards the trip.

And in 2008, a tourist from Argentina who wanted to visit Sydney, Australia accidentally booked her flight to the city of the same name in Canada instead.

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