Manchester named one of the best city in the world – beats London and New York

Andy Burnham hits out at Scotland's Manchester travel ban

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Manchester has been named third best city in the world in a new ranking by Time Out. The new list, which looked at eating and drinking, culture and nightlife, and had an emphasis on community spirit polled 27,000 people all over the world.

Coming top is San Francisco.

The Californian city is the best city in the world, according to the 2021 World’s Best Cities Index.

Amsterdam came second, with Vondelpark, “an immense oasis right in the centre” noted for being “the city’s lungs”.

And in the number three spot, it’s an English city.

Manchester was lauded for being “the easiest place to express who you are”.

With fantastic nightlife and great community spirit, Manchester beat competition from Los Angeles, Paris or Lisbon.

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Manchester’s mayor, Andy Burnham, said: “This place always comes together when times are hard. And it’s done that again.

“From my point of view – because we’ve obviously had some differences of opinion with the Government through the pandemic – I can’t tell you what it means when I raise my voice and I look behind me and people are just there.”

He continued: “The place comes together and it’s hard to put it into words how much it means: there’s just a sense of right and wrong here.”

Copenhagen came fourth and New York fifth.

For another English city to make the list, Britons have to scroll down to the 13th spot.

London beat Barcelona, Melbourne and Sydney, but could not compete with Manchester, Tokyo or Chicago.

The list celebrates cities all over the world.

Caroline McGinn, Global Editor-in-Chief at Time Out, said: “Time Out champions cities and culture and the projects and initiatives shaping the world we all want to see.

“Our annual Time Out Index lets us keep our finger on the pulse of city-dwellers around the world and find out what they really think about living and socialising in their city right now.

“This year’s list of the best cities in the world shines a spotlight on cities that adapted during a time where the key factors that make these metropolises the place to be – fun, culture and socialising – were largely off the table.

“You’d think a pandemic might defeat the point of living in a city, but the results show that community spirit is higher than ever, people are supporting each other as well as local business and initiatives, and many of us are even having some fun.”

The best cities in the world are:

1. San Francisco

2. Amsterdam

3. Manchester

4. Copenhagen

5. New York

6. Montreal

7. Prague

8. Tel Aviv

9. Porto

10. Tokyo

11. Los Angeles

12. Chicago

13. London

14. Barcelona

15. Melbourne

16. Sydney

17. Shanghai

18. Madrid

19. Mexico City

20. Hong Kong

21. Lisbon

22. Boston

23. Milan

24. Singapore

25. Miami

26. Dubai

27. Beijing

28. Paris

29. Budapest

30. Abu Dhabi

31. Sao Paulo

32. Johannesburg

33. Rome

34. Moscow

35. Buenos Aires

36. Istanbul

37. Bangkok
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