Neck pillow hack makes sleeping on flights so much easier

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A traveller is using TikTok to share all the tips and tricks she learns along the way. Courtney shares her travel hacks on her TikTok account @travelingaroundtheglobe. She calls herself a “travel enthusiast making TikToks along the way.”

One hack details how travellers can benefit from a headrest without taking their own pillow on some flights. The hack has had a huge 4.2M views on the app.

The traveller asked: “How old were you when you figured this out?”

Courtney demonstrated how to adjust your headrest to make a neck pillow.

She pulls the sides of the headrest outward, meaning she can rest the side of her head against it.

“I was today years old,” Courtney said, and it seems a number of other travellers have never heard of the hack before either.

One wrote: “Today old!!!! What the heck? I needed to know this two weeks ago.”

Another said, “Today years old for sure”, while another wrote, “.01 seconds old,”

“No way, I just bought myself a travel pillow,” one said.

Another wrote: “I’m going somewhere [soon]. Thanks for the tip, will be using this if the plane has that feature.”

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“I was coming BACK from an 11hr flight from London when I saw another passenger do this and my jaw dropped,” one wrote;

One traveller called the hack “lifesaving honestly.”

Others, however, claimed they had known about the hack for a long time. One wrote: “Knew this for years lmao.”

Another said: “A long time. I thought everyone knew.”

One wrote: “Why do people always make ‘today years old’ videos about the most obvious things ever.”

Another travel hack has been detailed by travel expert Nicky Kelvin, head of The Points Guy UK. 

He explained how you can book cheaper flights by booking at certain times.

Nicky said: “Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often thought of as the best days to travel.

“Leisure travellers tend to fill up the airports over the weekend and business travellers often travel on a Monday, and therefore, those midweek days tend to have a lower demand for flights.”

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