New rollercoasters and attractions opening at Disney theme parks this year

The theme parks at Disney are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2021 – and new rides and attractions are opening in its honour.

Disney World, alongside Disneyland California and Paris all have new openings planned.

The event is celebrating the opening of Disney World which opened in Orlando in 1971.

Originally, there was just the Magic Kingdom, but this was followed by Disneyland Paris in 1992 and California in 2001.

While many of the parks have closed over the last year, and construction halted, due to the pandemic there are still plans afoot.

Here’s what will be opening at the various Disney parks this year:

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Disneyland Paris

Opening in Paris is the first Marvel hotel – a four star accommodation featuring original Marvel artwork.

There will also been meet-and-greets with all our favourite Marvel characters and free shuttles to the park.

Plus, there’s a new Cars-themed ride and characters.

Disney World, Orlando

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride will open in 2021.

The France pavilion will host the ride which lets guests “shrink” down to the size of ratty Chef Remy.

Then they’ll race through Gusteau’s restaurant.

Disney World will also be showing a new night-time performance called Harmonious.

Disneyland California

The long-awaited Avengers Campus was supposed to open last summer, but construction was delayed in March.

Now, a year later, it will be opening in Summer 2021.

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The biggest section of the new land is Shield HQ – this includes the Quinjet aircraft where the Avengers look for “new recruits”.

Visitors can meet their favourite superheroes from Iron Man to Spider Man.

A new Spider Man ride called WEB SLINGERS: A Spider Man Adventure will be the first in the California park to feature the hero.

Guests can help the hero battle against Spider-Bots.

Plus, Doctor Strange Sanctum will help you to learn your magic powers.

And, the Pym Test Kitchen will feature bizarre meals and snacks for all.

It’s all very exciting – here’s hoping we’re able to travel in time to enjoy the festivities!

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