New Survey Shows More Women Willing to Travel Alone for Pleasure

In a new survey by smarTours, nearly two-thirds (62%) of the 1,494 women questioned are willing to travel alone for pleasure. In addition, more than half of married women are willing to travel alone.

Of the 38% of women who would not travel alone for pleasure, 62% of them admitted that they would travel alone as part of a group tour.

The surveyed revealed that women who are single, particularly divorced women, are the most open to traveling along for pleasure. 71% of women who are not married nor in long-term relationships said they are willing to travel alone, while 77% of divorced women and 62% of widowed women are willing to travel alone.

Of the divorced women who were not willing to travel alone, 75% reported that they were willing to travel alone as part of a tour group.

Additional survey findings included:

– Only 8% of surveyed travelers, regardless of gender and marital status were interested in traveling with their families (not including their significant other).

– Women are willing to travel alone at almost the same rate as men- 61 percent of surveyed men said they are willing to travel alone for pleasure compared to 62 percent of women surveyed.

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