New Zealand looking for people to fill 114 job types – from GPs to tradies

Last week, Brits were informed that Aussie officials were looking for 50,000 people to move down under as recruiters are currently trying to solve an employment crisis in Perth, Western Australia.

Delegates from the Western Australian Government are in the UK this week trying to find 31,000 of us to relocate.

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Some roles – such as geologists and drillers – were being offered a massive three times their average UK salary to make the move to the sunny country.

Nurses, teachers, police, miners, doctors, plumbers and electricians were also being saught out.

But, Australia’s not the only country looking for people to bring much-needed qualifications to its shores.

New Zealand is also looking for employees to emigrate with “work to residence” and “straight to residence” roles available.

There are a massive 114 roles listed on the New Zealand Green List – with everything from acoustic engineers to analyst programmers wanted.

There are also a large number of healthcare roles on the list including: anaesthetist, anaesthetic technician, cardiologist, surgeon, haematologist, dermatologist, radiologist, psychologist, endocrinologists and more on the list.

Midwives, GPs, lab assistants and occupational therapists as well as plastic surgeons and podiatrists are also wanted.

Nurses in a massive number of roles are also on the list from aged care to community nursing.

Tradies in a number of roles are also desired from dairy cattle farmers and farm managers to construction project managers, electricians, plumbers, project builders, quantity surveyors, safety engineers and more.

Plus, teachers – both primary and secondary – are wanted alongside a huge range of engineers.

ICT experts and those who work in telecommunications as well as various sciences are wanted too.

The Green List website states: “Roles on the Green List are in demand in New Zealand.

“If you have the qualifications, registration or experience listed for a Green List role you may be able to get residence immediately or after 2 years of working here.”

You can check if your role is advertised at


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