Parents forget 5-year-old at German airport after holiday

A COUPLE left their five-year-old daughter behind at the airport after returning from a holiday, German police say.

Reutlingen police said officers spotted the child wandering aimlessly and alone around the terminal at nearby Stuttgart Airport late Monday.

The girl was taken to the airport police station. Shortly afterwards, her mother called to ask whether her daughter had been found.

Police said the mother explained to officers that the family had driven home in separate cars and each believed the girl to be with the other parent. The child was eventually handed over to her father, who had returned to pick her up.

Aerial view of Stuttgart Airport.Source:istock

It wasn’t clear how long the child was left alone for.

Plane overshoots runway while landing in Micronesia0:28

A plane has overshot a runway and crashed into a lagoon in Micronesia.

The Air Niugini flight came to grief while trying to land at Chuuk Airport this morning.

Local media reports all those onboard the flight managed to escape without serious injury.

Image: Twitter/@MMakaichy

Cheep Flight? Stowaway Bird Surprises Passengers on Board United Plane0:04

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s a bird in a plane. That’s what surprised passengers on board a United Airlines flight departing San Francisco International Airport on September 20. Jasreen Gupta was on the plane, bound for Newark, with her mother when she filmed the spectacle. She said she spotted the bird shortly before takeoff. Gupta posted the video to Twitter, where United asked her to get in touch. United had yet to comment at the time of writing. A United flight from San Francisco to Newark took off at around the time Gupta posted her video, after a 29-minute delay. Credit: Jasreen Gupta via Storyful

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