Passenger films baggage handler throwing bags off EasyJet plane from UK

This is the shocking moment a baggage handler throws passengers’ luggage off an EasyJet plane believed to be from the UK.

A stunned passenger caught the ruthless airport worker shamelessly picking up and hurling suitcases onto a nearby trailer.

He can clearly be seen picking up small and large-sized bags and launching them into the cart.

The person behind the footage filmed the scenes from another plane nearby before sharing it on social media to EasyJet.

She wrote: “@easyjet I get that you are a low-cost company but this is no way to treat the luggage of people that have paid extra to get their luggage checked.”

The incident is believed to have taken place at Vienna International Airport in Austria after the plane arrived from Bristol airport.

The registration on the plane reads G-EZBI, which data on FlightRadar24 shows flew from Bristol to Vienna this afternoon.

The plane, which appears to be based at Bristol, was due to fly back to the UK airport with passengers this evening.

The video was posted on Twitter at 4.34pm UK time, just 20 minutes after the same plane landed in Vienna.

And it departed for Bristol at 6.17pm UK time.

It is not known if the baggage handler in the video is employed directly by the airport or a contractor.

A spokeswoman for EasyJet told Daily Star Online: “We work closely with all of our airport partners to ensure our passengers’ bags are handled securely and quickly.

"We apologise if it didn’t feel if this was the case to the customer in this instance.”

Daily Star Online has contacted Vienna airport for comment.

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