Passenger Says Delta Cleaning Crew Took His Laptop

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Last week, a traveler named Robert (who chose not to reveal his last name) left his laptop on a plane, only to discover later that it’d been stolen by a cleaning crew member.

Robert left his laptop on a Delta Airlines flight back to Atlanta. After discovering the missing device, Robert tried to contact Delta but wasn’t able to get the support he needed in time.

Instead, he used Apple’s Find My iPhone app to track down his laptop, which wasn’t in the airport in some Lost & Found bin as one might think. He discovered it was at a nearby residential address.

With the help of police, Robert soon learned that the laptop had been taken by a cleaning crew member that works for a company subcontracted by Delta Airlines.

The cleaning crew member admitted to police that he had taken the laptop and had sold it for $500 in cash. Police then had the man who stole the laptop track down the person he’d sold it to, repurchase the item, and return it to Robert.

Businessman on plane with headphones: PHOTO: Businessman Using Laptop in Plane Closeup (photo via SeventyFour/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

“Probably a lot of people after a long day of travel forget phones, laptops, whatever — and the fact that it can be so brazenly taken right out of an airport is frustrating and I think a little bit scary in the bigger picture,” Robert told local news channel WSB-TV.

Delta subcontracts their cleaning crews, so the thief is not a Delta employee. However, the airline said it is investigating the incident.

This is not the first report of a theft occurring on an airplane. In October, an Emirates flight crew member was accused of stealing nearly $5,000 from business class travelers.

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