Passenger slammed for ‘ridiculous’ number of times they used loo during flight

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    A plane passenger has faced the wrath of Internet users for using the toilet too many times while on a flight.

    They took to Reddit to share her woes, explaining that after reading people get more dehydrated while in the air, they packed two 1.1 litre bottles of water for a three-hour flight.

    They settled into their middle seat and began slurping away.

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    Over the course of the flight they ended up having to go to the bathroom four times, averaging one trip every 45 minutes.

    "I booked a middle seat because I’m on a budget and I also don’t particularly care about the aisle/window," the person explained on Reddit.

    "I used the bathroom four times over the course of the flight. Each time, the person sitting on the aisle got progressively more annoyed.

    "She was sleeping and I woke her up each time. She would sigh, groan, roll her eyes, etc whenever I got up.

    "When I used the bathroom for the third time, she asked me if I could try to hold it for the remainder of the flight so she could sleep."

    The thirsty passenger said they "did not take her request too seriously" and continued drinking away.

    "When I got up for the fourth time, she told me I was rude for not following her request," they continued.

    "I told her it was either that, dehydrate, or wet myself and going to the bathroom seemed like the best option.

    "She told me no one needs to drink enough to pee four times in less than three hours unless they have a bladder issue.

    "She then asked me if I had a bladder issue and I said 'No, not that that’s your business'. I asked if she wanted to switch seats so I didn't have to climb over her, but she refused."

    When the passenger had landed and headed home, they shared the tale with their family.

    Like the majority of people on Reddit, most of them sided with the woman whose sleep was disturbed.

    "Some said I did nothing wrong, and that I have the right to drink water and I’m not breaking rules, but others said it was discourteous to drink that much water during a flight and that I should be able to hold it, especially if the person on the aisle is sleeping," they said.

    Most people concluded that they had drank too much water and were being unreasonable.

    "Three hours on a plane isn't going to dehydrate you enough to harm you," they said.

    "If you plan on doing this on your next flight, pay for the aisle seat or get ready to have another pissed off seat mate."

    Another person added: "Once or twice, sure. But four times in three hours is ridiculous. You should have booked an aisle seat if you planned on drinking an insane amount of water during the short flight."

    A third weighed in: "Who cares if you're slightly dehydrated on a three hour flight? It doesn't affect your health at all, especially if you rehydrate after you land.

    "And she's right, nobody needs to be drinking two litres of water in a flight where all you're doing is sitting or going to the bathroom.

    "Less than half of that would keep you plenty hydrated."


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