Passenger speechless as cruise charges £221 for tissue box and £87 for glass cup

A cruise is a great way to enjoy a luxurious holiday with multiple different destinations. You get to enjoy delicious food, a pool, plenty of entertainment, cocktails and watch the sun go down from your balcony.

However, one woman was left gobsmacked after seeing the charges for basic items in her cabin – including a £221 tissue box – and took to Facebook to share worrying prices listed out for items.

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Now, the list was a series of charges that would be applied if the items were taken from the room, generally we imagine to be accidentally taken home. However, it can be easy to take certain things from your room up to the deck and accidentally leave them there – resulting in the huge extra expenses.

The list was in US dollars, but converted to Pounds Sterling it’s still an expensive habit to have. The most expensive item to be charged for was a tissue box at $280 – that’s £221.

This was followed by a £150 throw blanket and a £114 toothbrush holder. Other items that would cost you cash if you removed them included a magazine bag serving tray, bathrobe, clothes brush and magazine tag.

If you accidentally, or purposely, took the glass tumbler with you it would set you back a massive £87 while the hair dryer would cost £51, the soap dish £110 and the bathrobe £59. In opposition you can take the shoe horn away for just £9.50.

You could also nab the umbrella for £22 or the binoculars for £19. The note was signed by the general managed and said: "We hope you are enjoying your time on board Viking Sky. Your well-appointed stateroom features many delightful amenities.

"Should you wish to purchase any of those items — or any others not included in your personal stateroom category — please see your stateroom attendant."

At the bottom they added: "If you remove any of these items from your stateroom you will be charged at the price listed above." I guess that means you can’t wear your bathroom over to the spa…

The passenger who posted a snap of the list to Facebook asked: "Which one of your Viking cruisers cleaned out their room when they left??? I’ve never seen this before."

In the comment people were baffled at the prices. One noted: "I want to know what the soap dish, toothbrush holder and tissue box are made from."

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While another added: "Why are they charging $280 for tissues?" But, experienced cruisers noted that the price of the items was likely determined by how often they were stolen from the rooms.

The high prices may have been to discourage holidaymakers from cheekily slipping things into their luggage. One person wrote: "I don’t think it’s priced by quality, I think it’s priced by theft of item. The larger the price, the more it has been stolen."

Another added: "It seems like the things that are easy to lose are cheaper — and the ones you shouldn’t take from the room are over priced. Almost like an honesty system."

Viking Cruises was contacted for comment.

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