Passengers demand ‘adult-only’ flights after kid wears light-up outfit on plane

Holidaymakers were left irritated and annoyed after a child boarded the plane wearing a rather unconventional outfit. Usually, when travellers feel grumpy at a little one on board it’s because of crying or running around – which usually can’t be helped.

However, recently a video clip was shared showing why the small child spread displeasure around the plane. It was all down to the child’s outfit which many thought was inappropriate for air travel.

The young child wore an outfit which was completely covered in glow-in-the-dark, flashing lights – and to make things worse it was for an overnight flight. Holidaymakers trying to get some kip on the red-eye were very likely foiled by the child’s aggressively lit up costume.

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The video was uploaded to Instagram account Sarcasm Only as well as on where it was captioned: "Imagine being on this flight." The reaction in the comments was enormous and over 347,000 people liked the post. It was also posted on TikTok @malecastellonn, where it racked up 1.6m liked.

The Instagram account added: "I’d be ill." While in the comments most people criticised the parents for the outfit choice.

In the clip, a passenger showed one part of the plane cabin which was gently dark with the lights turned off. However, when they spun the camera around to show the other direction a small child could be seen in – presumably – their father’s arms.

The dad stared at the person videoing while his child stood up in their chair. They worse a bizarre costume with a pair of large donkey bunny-like ears and aggressively flashing strobe lights which lit up half of the cabin in bright white lights.

There were also smaller blue, pink, green and yellow lights attached to the costume. Those in the row behind the child looked on in disbelief while others tried to sleep with their eyes shut against the flashing lights.

In the comments, people raged against the "selfish" parents. One person said: "Sick of people who don't control their children in public space."

Another added: "This is so rude and disrespectful," while a third said: "The parents are the problem."

A man said: "Forget people being sick, it’s just plain rude. If the lights are off I imagine it’s a night flight, considering it’s a small plane it’s probably a domestic flight as well meaning some people are going to want to catch up on some sleep. A lack of both respect and education."

A woman noted: "Parents need to be told that the whole world doesn't have to tolerate their children."

Even a cabin crew member weighed in on the issue. They said: "As a flight attendant I’d say put that it away. There are people trying to rest, read, watch a movie etc.

"Also there are people with disabilities and this can be incredibly annoying and irritating for them. Leave stuff like this for home, or amusement parks. Not in a tiny tin can at 30 000ft in the air. Some folks have sensitive eyes please consider others around you."

Not only did people point out that the outfit could be annoying. They noted that it could also be dangerous.

One commenter said: "May cause an epileptic to have seizures, so it’s not cute. Educate yourself and your kids. The world doesn’t revolve around you."

Another woman noted: "That is an epilepsy hazard….. educate yourself and your child please."

Some posters even called for child-free flights in response to the clip. Chris Hachkowski said: "This is why we need the option for a no kids flight when booking."

Another person added: "I vote for adult only flight. I would pay extra for adult only flights."

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