Pilot warns passengers to never order coffee or hot drinks on planes

If you're taking an early flight somewhere, you know a coffee will be the way forward.

But did you know there's a reason why you should avoid hot drinks on a flight?

Posting on Reddit, a pilot opened up about the "most unhygienic places on Earth" in an open thread.

He said: "Galleys are probably the most unhygienic places on earth.

"There aren't many places where I'd be wiping down a toilet seat and then immediately go and plate some food up."

And the user, who posted under the name moaningpilot, also had a disturbing story about coffee.

His confession might just put you off too.

The pilot wrote: "I once caught a fellow crew member pouring old coffee down the toilet.

"(We can't pour it down the sink as coffee often blocks them) and then put the flush button with the spout of the coffee pot.

"She then immediately brewed a fresh coffee and poured drinks for customers."

Since it was shared on Reddit, fellow users were left mortified at the pilot's confession.

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One said: "Never drinking airplane coffee ever again."

And the pilot isn't the first cabin crew member to make a statement about coffee during a trip.

Previously, a flight attendant revealed why you should never ever consume hot drinks on a plane.

Air hostess Kat Kamalani, from Utah, in the US, shared the tips to her 467,000 followers on TikTok.

The 30-year-old said: "Rule number one – never consume any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle.

"The reason being is those water tanks are never cleaned and they are disgusting.

"So talk to a flight attendant, we rarely, rarely drink the tea or coffee, they come from the same water tank."

And if that's not a good enough reason, another flight attendant warned the water goes through the same bathroom system.

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