Pilot’s daughter ‘lives the dream’ with free business class flights on holidays

A TikTok star who flaunts her glam lifestyle of business class travel and trips around the world has revealed it’s all down to her father being a pilot.

Caroline Deborah Milo, who has 54,800 followers on the content sharing site, @carlone_milo, often posts about her travels.

She’s recently flown from her home in New York to Quebec City, in Canada, Lucca and San Fruttuoso in Italy, Paros in Greece, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Portugal.

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The Ohio-raised young woman enjoys premium meals while flying in business class as well as fancy freebies and more while jetting around the world.

The TikTok creator shared a video of the flash journey online as explained that she snagged it on a “standby” ticket thanks to her dad’s job as a United Airlines captain.

While most of us can only dream of one day being given a free upgrade to a higher flight class it seems it’s not out of the ordinary for the young traveller.

Caroline noted that the process allows airline employees and their family to join a waiting list for flights.

How high up you’re placed on the list depends on the employees seniority – so as a pilot of 27 years Caroline’d dad will be pretty high up.

However, she did note that employees are prioritised over family members which often bumps her down the list.

Caroline’s father does have to pay tax on the ticket but otherwise it’s totally free.

The keen traveller claims she’s saved around £33,227 by flying on free standby tickets in her lifetime.

She added: “I'd say a little less than half the time I've travelled it's been business, whether that is international or domestic.”

Caroline, 24, often shares videos showing “a day in my life as a pilot’s daughter”.

In one clip she showed herself saying hi to dad Michael Milo in the cockpit before settling in for the transatlantic journey.

The video clocked up 7.8 million views and over 4,000 comments.

She told MailOnline : “There are many perks of being a pilot's daughter, one obviously being that my family and I get a lot more flexibility to travel to places on a whim together.”

Caroline also claims that as the daughter of an employee the crew are more relaxed around her.

Plus, she gets to go for lunch with her dad if he’s flying the plane at the time.

While the free flights are a massive perk Caroline does claim that there are downsides such as her father working away a lot and Christmas being delayed.

And, if the flights are booked up she can’t get a ticket and has to find another way to get to her destination.

But, Caroline doesn’t mind the minor drawbacks as she’s managed to travel the world thanks to the free tickets.

She’s visited Bhutan, Patagonia, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Switzerland and Indian over the years.

In the video’s comments people were gobsmacked by the perk.

One person said: “This is so cool.”

“Excuse me this is actually the dream,” added another.

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While fellow pilot family members weighed in too.

The child of a TUI captain commented: “You’re living my live haha, my dad is a pilot too!”

“My mom works for delta and at this point she’ll only fly international if we get first class seats,” added another.

While a third laughed: “My father works for Delta! Got to love the non-rev perks!”

Have you ever been given a free upgrade? Tell us in the comments section…


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