Plane passengers exposed for grim acts – from airing knickers to heavy petting

When the French poet and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote the line 'Hell is other people' in 1944 it seems he only got it half right.

Because, as anyone who's been stuck in a crowded, confined space at 35,000 feet will tell you, it's sharing a plane journey with your fellow man that can be the absolute worst.

Unable to hide or get off, being stuck in close quarters with some folk only seems to highlight their inconsiderate and unacceptable behaviour – and, recently, that seems to be getting more and more crazy.

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Pantie problems

Take for example what happened on one flight in May this year after a woman was shown airing out her underwear for all to see.

The clip of the popular Miami-based Instagram star Vvs Diamond, holding her panties to the air conditioning quickly went viral, with many expressing shock at the 27-year-old model's actions.

And it wasn't an isolated example – another woman was once spotted doing the same on a three-hour Ural Airlines flight from Antalya, Turkey, to Moscow.

The person concerned apparently spent a good 20 minutes waving her smalls about, giving fellow passengers plenty of time to take pictures and huff in disgust.

What the foot?

Bare feet is another major bugbear for many, particularly the passenger on a flight Down Under who was horrified to discover the person behind him had stretched out and was occupying his armrest with their tootsies.

In a similar incident, also captured on camera, someone thought it would be acceptable to hang their dirty feet over the top of the headrest in front.

"Uneducated and unhygienic," snapped one commentator, while another added, "This is my worst nightmare."

Heavy petting

Another flight saw one onboard couple, who'd cleared left their inhibitions at check-in, get pretty hot and heavy with each other – the woman straddling the guy in his seat, leaving fellow passengers unsure of where to look.

Captured on Instagram, one response read: "Gross and inappropriate. Especially with children and families around."

Up in the hair

Wayward hair also ranked high among the list of gripes, with multiple examples of long locks being allowed to cascade down over the backs of chairs and onto fellow passengers' food trays.

"My view for most of my three-hour flight," complained one traveller on Reddit.

"I’d start braiding it,” shot back another, while a third suggested they "just pick it up and throw it back over the seat."

Mile-high pyjama party

I's best not to dwell too much on the pyjama-wearing flyer who decided the best way back to her window seat was to climb across the two people in front of her.

Where most people would opt for a polite tap on the shoulder and request for their fellow passengers to make way, this traveller preferred the scenic route over the top.

Perhaps she was sleep walking…

A wee issue

With only a couple of toilets on most passenger planes, there's always a risk of getting caught short in a pesky queue.

But one traveller looked to have found a solution – although it wasn't to everyone's liking.

They were accused of leaving a tied-off bag of wee hanging from the in-flight magazine rack.

The example, posted online, showed the offending plastic carrier filled with a suspicious-looking yellow fluid, prompting one person to remark, "Whoever did this has nudged me further towards losing faith in humanity."

Aisle be avoiding the loo

What is more, there was equal outrage when one woman made her toddler use the potty to do 'a number two' right in the middle of the aisle, leading to calls for her to be banned from the skies altogether.

Describing the moment, a witness said: “When discovered by crew, she was advised she couldn’t do this and would need to utilise the unoccupied lavatory.

“And her reply? ‘I don’t give a s***!’"


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