Plane passenger’s furious battle with woman over the window shade

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It seems a bitter war is waging between two types of flyers, those who want their plane window shades down and those who don’t. The fight is being taken to TikTok, where passengers are publishing the tense conflict.

If you are travelling in the early morning, you may not want to experience the sun’s strong rays beaming in through the plane’s window. Perhaps you want to sleep, or are nursing a hangover.

On the other hand, you might like to take the opportunity to embrace the morning light, set your body clock and enjoy the view above the clouds. Content creator Eric Goldie, NYC Real Estate agent, falls into the former category and he wasn’t messing around when it came to asserting his window preference.

The frustrated and exasperated-looking traveller posted a video in response to a comment left by another traveller that said, “I put my shade down on a 6 am flight and the woman behind me kept reaching through the seat to pull it up. I almost got arrested.”

He videoed himself repeatedly slapping away the hand of a person trying to lift the blind next to him. He wrote: “Literally on my flight this morning.”

He slapped the hand away twice before the other traveller appeared to give up. He was so furious, Eric said: “I was about two steps away from being escorted off.”

The video seems to have sparked a strong reaction from other flyers, with 608K “likes” and over 4000 comments. Many shared they had experienced the very same thing on a flight. One wrote: “I was on a flight and someone reached up to my window and kept opening it…I kept shutting it and she was like I want to see the view…use your own??”

Leia said: “Had a lady reach over to shut mine recently and I about LOST it. The window seat gets to choose! Period.”

Raini said: “A little kid did this to me multiple times on a flight and of course the parents did nothing.”

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@ericgoldie Replying to @girlinbeta Literally on my flight this morning. #flight #flying #ettiquette #travel #traveling #holidaytravel #happynewyear #hny #jokes #2023 ♬ original sound – &lt3

Ashley Matthews said: “One time an older couple was next to me and the wife refused to let me close the window. she just kept saying ‘well *I* want to look!’ and kept trying.”

Most seemed to agree that whoever sits in the window seat is entitled to control of the window, but only the window next to them. Alison McDoheny explained her take and wrote: “Perks to every seat. Window has control, but only YOUR window. Middle owns both armrests. Aisle seats have better legroom. Relax everyone.”

Others agreed about who has window rights, one stating: “If you have to reach to the person’s personal space behind or in front of you, it’s not your window.”

Ashley Carrie said: “The audacity of people. It’s in your seat you get control of that. People are so entitled.”

Other travellers shared their tips to put an end to this behaviour. One suggested: “I carry a small blanket and shove it in the space so people can’t do that to me anymore.”

Another wrote: “I’m not proud of this moment, but this has happened to me before. I had to sneeze and I let it rip all over her hand. It worked.”

One said: “I would immediately start opening and closing it and start yelling ‘there’s something on the wing!’ like in the twilight zone.”

TikToker Amanda said: “I would immediately start opening and closing it and start yelling “I’d be putting my foot up to block her hand.”

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