Plane passengers left furious as baggage handlers LAUNCH their luggage across runway

Video footage taken onboard the Cathay Pacific Airways flight shows workers flinging checked bags from a conveyer belt onto a vehicle. 

The 37-second clip shows two baggage handlers at Hong Kong International Airport throwing the bag with some force.

The footage, snapped last Thursday, shows the men tossing suitcases, cardboard boxes and what appear to be fragile items.

It was captured by Marcela Fernanda Solis Walker after she spotted the scenes unfolding following her flight from Xiamen, China. 

“This is the way that our beloved luggage is treated”

Marcela Fernanda Solis Walker

She uploaded the clip to Facebook, where it has now racked up almost 6million views. 

“This (is) the way that our beloved luggage is treated,” she wrote.

Users were quick to respond to the post, dubbling it “disgusting” and branding the workers “lazy”.

“They should get terminated in that company for they can’t work properly for that position,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“I seriously hope this video has been shared to and seen by their employer,” another said.

But since the video has received such a large response, Marcela revealed she “did not have any intention to get the workers in trouble.”

“I only wanted other people to be aware of the situation,” she said.

The staff in the video were identified by the New York Post as part of Hong Kong Airport Services, owned by Cathay Pacific Airways.

A spokesperson for the service provider said the company was aware of the viral video and had taken the matter up with the supplier involved.

“We sincerely apologise to the passengers of our customer airlines in this particular incident,” the spokesman told the Post.

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