‘Puts you at risk’ Key travelling mistake British tourists make that could lose hundreds

Eamonn Holmes praises airport staff amid travel chaos

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Travel expert, Richard Gray at Insurance2Go shared his top tips with Express.co.uk. The money-saving tips could save Britons hundreds.

Richard said people should try to protect their valuables by avoiding keeping them in the same place.

He said: “Leaving valuable items in your hotel is a dangerous habit to get into. Keeping valuables in the same places puts you at risk when on holiday.

“Only take valuables you need with you and prioritise based on that. Travelling without some of these items can help to lower your travel insurance policy cost, also meaning you are at less risk of losing them.”

He recommended Britons hide cash in an empty lip ban or place bigger valuables into empty bottles.

According to Insurance2Go, one in three Britons have had their valuables stolen on holiday and lost an average of £55 per item.

With the ongoing travel chaos many Britons are concerned about their luggage after several failings in baggage systems.

Richard advised: “Ideally your hand luggage should contain essentials such as your toothbrush and other toiletries, spare underwear, phone and laptop chargers and a couple of outfit changes.

“If your checked in luggage does happen to get damaged, lost or delayed, you have the legal right to claim compensation from the airline by reporting the issue to the airline immediately.”

He added: “Whilst it’s great that airlines have tags that they will use on your luggage, it isn’t enough.

“These sticky tags can get easily ripped off or printed with mistakes on them. More people are using AirTags, Tiles or SmartTags to attach to their luggage.

“We’ve heard of a few people being reunited with their luggage at the airport because of these ingenious little devices.”

AirTags and other small tracking devices will allow passengers to locate their luggage after they’ve left it at the airport.

Richard said: “Purchasing a well-made strong luggage tag will help you distinguish your luggage among the sea of other suitcases at the airport.”

One of the worst items to lose on holiday is a passport or another important holiday document.

Richard said: “Purchasing a folder to store your essential documents will not only make travelling easier but minimise the chance of losing items such as your passport.

“The perfectly organised travel folder will be home to not only your passport, but your flight details and tickets, cash in multiple currencies, hotel keys and insurance policies.”

Richard said it’s really important that travellers check their travel insurance policy before going away.

He advised: “Regardless of the option you select, it’s vital to check your policy paperwork for details of the cover provided.

“For example, there will most likely be a single item claim limit which is the maximum you can claim for any given gadget.

“Try this test. Add up the value of all the phones and gadgets you go on holiday with.

 “We think a typical family of four probably travels with approx. £1,700 worth of kit – that’s probably an under-estimate. Now ask your travel insurer whether they will cover that, how much they will pay out of each item and what the excess is. I bet you’ll be surprised”.

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