Rare white squirrel spotted in Staunton State Park

A leucistic squirrel, commonly known as a white squirrel, was spotted and captured on video in Staunton State Park.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter post from Sept. 10 of the sighting includes a still frame image and a 17-second video clip of the squirrel scampering up a pine tree.

White squirrels can be found throughout North America and Canada, according to the Coastal and Marine Laboratory of Florida State University. White squirrels tend to have a gray patch on their heads and a “dorsal stripe” down their backs.

Staunton State Park is about six miles west of Conifer, divided between Park and Jefferson counties. The 3,828-acre park is the legacy of Frances H. Staunton, who donated 1,720 acres of the land to the state in 1986.

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