Rear view mirror: A look back at road trips through the years

 Hana Highway travels along Maui's coastline and consists of 620 sharp turns and 59 bridges. You'll experience a variety of views, including waterfalls, rain forests, and, of course, the ocean.
When you reach your 40s, you’ve learned to appreciate the maxim that it’s not the destination but the journey that truly matters. That is especially true of these roads, which offer jaw-dropping scenery, memorable stops, and plenty of tight turns and white-knuckle moments of guardrail-free driving. Whether you are looking for a leisurely drive or a serious test of your nerves and driving skills, these roads will offer an ideal outing. And if you’re looking for the right ride for your journey, check out the best 10 new cars under $30,000.
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A young British couple in their car, circa 1930. 

A couple consult the map for directions, somewhere in New York, U.S., circa 1938.

Hitchhikers are seen near Natchitoches, Louisiana, U.S., in June 1940.

A couple poses for a photo beside their Packard One-Twenty convertible towing a wooden powerboat, during a trip in California, U.S., in 1941.

A group of travelers put finishing touches to their jeep before embarking on a road trip through South America, in 1946.

A girl reads a book as her mother drives during their road trip through Virginia, U.S., in 1949.

A man loads suitcases into the boot of a car, as a woman looks on, in the 1940s.

A girl shares a fun moment with her brother during their road trip through Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S., in 1949.

Two children spend their time with craft activities during a trip in Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S., in 1949.

A car is seen outside tourist cabins in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, in 1950. 

A car parked along the roadside at a scenic overlook, in 1952.

A couple loads their luggage in their Standard Eight car in Britain, in September 1953.

A kid helps his father load a suitcase into their Ford Country Squire station wagon as they prepare for a road trip, circa 1955. 

Tourists stop to consult a map near Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, circa 1955.

Photograph of a motel named LZ (or Lazy) in Winslow, Arizona, U.S., circa 1955.

The car parking lot is seen near the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado, U.S., circa 1955.

A car pulls a trailer through the French commune of Accolay, Yonne, France, on Aug. 31, 1955.

Two men try to load trunks into their car before going on a vacation as a child looks on, in Paris, France, on June 29, 1957.

Tourists explore the dunes and the surf on jeeps in Pismo Beach, California, U.S., on July 8, 1957.

Tourists stop over for a picnic during their road trip through France, in July 1958.

A petrol pump attendant fills up a Chrysler, circa 1958.

A Buick comes around a bend, in Oregon, U.S., circa 1958.

A bellhop helps out hotel guests with their luggage, in 1960.

A Jaguar XK-E is seen outside a motel, circa 1960. 

Two tourists load their bikes on the back of their car, at a motel in 1960. 

Two women pose with their car near the pyramid complex at the ceremonial site in Monte Albán in Mexico, in 1960.

A taxi and a moped are seen at the Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda, circa 1960.

A family is photographed during their road trip, in 1960s

A tourist tries to maneuver a Volkswagen Beetle through a desert road, in January 1972.

A car is seen on the streets of Sicily, Italy, in the 1970s.

A Doberman rides along with his owners during a road trip from California to Florida, U.S., on May 1976.

Two friends take a break from driving as they take in the scenic beauty from the top of their bus near Boulder, Colorado, U.S., in April 1981.

A man is stalled by ice on the road near Denver, Colorado, U.S., as he tows his boat for a fishing trip to Lake Powell in Utah, U.S., in October 1982.

Tourists pose in front of their bus, in Padua, Italy, in the 1980s.

A motorcyclist cruises down a highway in South Dakota, U.S., with his dog, in 2001. 

A man adjusts his rear-view mirror during a road trip through Arizona, U.S., in 2001.

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