Royal travel: Queen Elizabeth II always travels overseas with surprising luggage item

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Royal Family members including Her Majesty spend a lot of time visiting other countries, including state visits. It has been reported that the Queen has visited over 100 countries throughout her 265 official visits, making her by far the most travelled monarch in British history. However, royal travel comes with a lot of protocol, including packing some interesting items.

When the Queen visits another country where there is a time difference, she has jet lag medicine to help her beat it. 

Remedies including barley sugar sweets and homoeopathic remedies can help adjust the body clock to a new place. 

When travelling, all members of the Royal Family must pack a black outfit in their suitcase. 

This is especially important when visiting a country that is overseas.

The black outfit, including a pair of shoes, must be packed on all trips in case a family member dies during their foreign travels. 

Returning back into the UK from a visit in a non-black outfit would be considered inappropriate and disrespectful. 

This rule stems from when the Queen returned to the UK after her father died in 1952.

Her Majesty had to wait for staff to provide her mourning clothes before she was able to disembark from the plane. 

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As the most important member of the Royal Family, her safety and security are also important when it comes to making trips abroad.

Therefore, the Queen is also accompanied by a Royal Navy doctor when she is on all of her royal tours. 

Telegraph reporter Gordon Rayner, who has attended more than 20 royal tours, explained that this is crucial for the Queen in case of an emergency.

The Royal Navy doctor must research the nearest hospitals carefully in advance and know which one is the closest to the Queen at all times. 

The personal doctor, who has a defibrillator and other emergency treatments on hand, also brings a supply of blood matching the Queen’s and Prince Philip’s blood types.

This, of course, is just protocol, but in countries where blood donations might not be available, this is crucial for the couple.

The Queen is known for her colourful outfits and hats that she wears on nearly every outing.

When abroad, Her Majesty reportedly carries lots of outfits, all kept in pristine protective sleeves. 

A lot of her outfits are bright in colours and it turns out that the Queen wears bold colours so that the public can see her through the crowds.

The Queen isn’t the only royal who has certain protocols when travelling.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall enjoy numerous trips to different countries. 

With Charles being next in line to the throne, his security is just as important as the Queen’s.

The pair will bring their own alcohol when travelling abroad to make sure that they are safe while drinking.

They do this to make sure that their drinks aren’t spiked and there is no risk of this happening when their security guards are given the task of looking after their beverages.

However, it must be their security who carries the stash of alcoholic drinks and it cannot get into the hands of someone they do not know. 

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