Ryanair passengers warned to avoid seat that people always complain about

When choosing to fly most of us have a preference for where we sit on board the plane.

While some of us like the aisle of more legroom and access to the loo, others want the window seat so they can stare out at the clouds. Let’s be honest… nobody wants the middle aisle even if pilots and flight attendants say they get both armrests!

Unfortunately, many budget airlines have now introduced a charge to choose your seat though – so plenty of us are being given the less desirable spots on the plane.

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But, some holidaymakers choose to shell out the extra cash for their seat preference – whether that’s sitting in the safest place on the plane or for a window.

That does mean, however, that Ryanair’s infamous seat 11A has racked up plenty of complaints over time thanks to the fact that it doesn’t actually have a window. Passengers who have paid extra for a window seat have come away disappointed when faced with the plane wall by their side instead of a plastic pane of glass.

On Twitter, Will Horton shared some snaps of the seat with its plain wall instead of a window. He added: "The most iconic seat on a plane is surely 1A. Second-most famous? Perhaps it’s Ryanair’s seat 11A."

In fact, the seat has become so well-known that it’s all over social media as a funny meme. Lots of people have complained online about getting the unfortunate seat.

Mark Swain wrote: "Well, in terms of views. that was my worst flights ever. No window at seat 11A and even when I tried to look out there was nothing to see! Rubbish!"

While Belinda Roda added: "Seriously I upgraded my seat and have no window at seat 11A. Across the aisle seat 11F has a window." Plus, Darren Wilkinson said to the airline: "You sold seat 11A as a window seat! I would have moved a row had I known ! Misrepresentation."

Sean Higgins also shared a snap of the seat and said: "Great view at night." To which Ryanair’s social media account quipped back: "It's the same during the day tbh."

Jan-Hendrik Fiedler was gobsmacked when looking at a flight to see that someone had purposely booked seat 11A though. So perhaps it is some people’s favourite.

She said: "Someone actually booked seat 11A on this Ryanair flight. I’m contemplating booking the flight just to see who would do such a thing."

But, the airline claims there’s a major perk to the unpopular spot. They claim it’s the best place to get some much-needed sleep – probably because there’s no risk of light leaking out of the sides of the blind.

Ryanair stated: "Not a lot of people realise that seat 11A has no window, meaning it’s the perfect seat if you’re planning to catch up on some zzzs during a morning flight."

In the airline's Twitter bio it even says: "We sell seats, not windows".

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