Ryanair shares seat tip to be ‘first on and off’

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January is prime time to book a getaway and many Britons will be opting to fly with Ryanair. The bargain airline is currently running its Summer 2023 sale with flights from £29.99.

But while the airline’s budget flights are a bargain, it can be hard for tourists to snag the ideal seat.

Ryanair has shared a few seating hacks on its website which could help travellers get their dream spot.

It said: “Can’t wait to get your holiday started, get to your meeting, or make your way home?

“Plan ahead and book a seat in rows 1 A, B, C or 2 D,E, F to make sure you’re first on and off the flight.

“This seating arrangement is also perfect for anyone who makes a habit of forgetting to use the bathroom before the seat-belt sign comes on. And we all know one of those.”

Passengers seated in these rows will be the first on and off the flight, meaning they can’t start their holiday straight away.

Ryanair’s overhead lockers aren’t the roomiest, so passengers who board first have more chance of securing a space for their bag.

Tourists in those rows will also be able to make a quick run for the toilet once they land as they’ll be first off.

The airline added: “It’s not every day you get to fly with 20 or more of your nearest or dearest, in fact there’s usually a very good reason why you’re travelling in a pack.

“Whether you’re jetting off with a stag party, on a hen weekend, or heading to an away match, it makes sense to reserve your seats as a group booking. Don’t leave it to chance!”

Britons travelling with Ryanair on a big group holiday, like a hen party, might want to reserve their seats as a group booking.

If tourists don’t reserve seats together on Ryanair they will be randomly allocated which could break up a big group.

While these hacks can be handy, they often come at an extra charge so that is something that travellers must consider.

Ryanair seating policy

Travellers will be allocated a free random seat if they choose not to purchase a seat ahead of time.

Ryanair extra seat for comfort policy

Passengers can book an extra seat for comfort but will need to select two seats at their booking.

The first seat should be booked under the passenger’s name and the comfort seat should be booked with EXTRA as the first name and COMFORT SEAT as the last name.

Passengers will not qualify for cabin or checked baggage allowance with the purchase of an extra seat.

Ryanair seat dimensions

  • Seat width from between seat armrests is 43.2cm or 17 inches
  • Seat depth is 58cm or 22.8 inches
  • Seat height is 69 cm or 27.2 inches
  • Seat pitch (distance from the back of the seat to the tray table in front) 76.2 cm or 30 inches
  • Legroom in row 1 A B C and 2 D, E, F is 40 inches (101.6 cm)
  • Legroom in emergency exit seats (rows 16 /17) is 40 inches (101.6 cm)
  • Height from floor to the overhead control panel is 64 inches (162 cm)

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