Sarah Ferguson’s cheeky candid remark about underwear on royal tour with Prince Andrew

Sarah Ferguson, mother to Princess’ Beatrice and Eugenie, often travels the world with former husband Prince Andrew on royal duties. The pair married in July 1986 yet divorced 10 years later, in May 1996. It has been speculated they may reignite their romance after a sweet display at Lady Gabriella Windsor’s wedding this weekend. Yet in their initial happy heyday, Sarah made a candid confession about her clothing choice.

The red head was enjoying a royal trip to Los Angeles, in 1988, to promote the UK monarchy.

The Duchess of York was trying to entertain the US media, according to royal author Kitty Kelley, after arriving in Long Beach on the royal yacht, Britannia.

In her new book, The Royals, Kitty detailed Fergie’s very honest remarks and wrote: “Fergie, who resented her negative press coverage, tried to ingratiate herself with reporters, while Andrew ignored them.

“‘Don’t talk to them,’ he advised her.”

She added: “Sarah, three months pregnant, arrived wearing French couture.

“But she quickly disclosed that her underpants were made in Britain.”

Quoting Fergie directly, Kitty wrote: “‘My knickers are from Marks and Sparks’,” and added: “She chirped, using the nickname for Marks and Spencer, the budget department store where middle class British housewives shop.”

It may well be Fergie was trying to chime with the theme of the royal tour.

They had voyaged to America to promote British arts and industry, and with M&S a UK stalwart, she may have deemed the cheeky remark appropriate.

Meanwhile, a trick the late Princess Diana used while own excursions with Prince Charles recently came to light.

In the same book, Kitty added how the parent of two was wise to how her fashion while abroad would impact her image.

Kitty wrote: “Diana knew that style was the first priority of a Princess, and she was determined to be the best dressed Princess of Wales in history.

“She would show substance beneath the surface later, right now all she cared about was creating a lip-smacking first impression.”

On her stylish wardrobe, Kitty added: “She consulted fashion editors and designers.

“She let them know that she intended to bring style and glamour to her role and and distance herself from the rest of the Windsor women in their white purses, garden party hats and sturdy platform shoes.”

It is well-known the royal family have an entourage when they travel, and it appeared Princess Diana craved a very specific style from her advisors when on tour.

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