Scotland’s best beach is the ‘most beautiful place on this earth’

Scotland might not have a tropical climate, but several of its beaches could be mistaken for a Caribbean paradise.

According to Tripadvisor ratings, the country’s best beach is the gorgeous Luskentyre on the Isle of Harris. One tourist described it as “the most beautiful place on this earth”.

Luskentyre is one of the island’s most incredible beaches and boasts miles of white sand and crystal-clear blue water.

Despite its beauty, the beach is rarely crowded due to its size and island location. Roads run close to most areas of the beach so there are plenty of viewpoints.

Tripadvisor user ‘Jan747Cat’ wrote: “Most beautiful place on this earth. [The] best place on earth. It is an extremely beautiful area to visit.”

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Another reviewer ‘Anuj_Mithani’ said: “I’ve yet to see a more spectacular beach in all our travels across the world. The road to Luskentyre itself is glorious, so we knew a real treat was in store when we arrived.”

‘ReadyforanotherHol’ said: “It did not disappoint, a stunning white beach with clear blue sea and a stunning backdrop of the surrounding hills.”

‘HighlandLass24’ said: “I’m not a beach person and I loved it. You’ve never seen water such a turquoise colour. Beautiful white sands in front and mountains beside and behind.”

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The Isle of Harris is also home to another of Scotland’s most beautiful beaches, the gorgeous Sacrista, which has golden sand.

Tourists can also stop at the Isle of Harris Distillery to get to grips with the island’s whisky and gin production.

Many of the island’s top sites can be enjoyed on the Golden Road, a scenic drive that passes several tiny villages.

Scotland’s best beaches

  1. Luskentyre
  2. Calgary Bay
  3. Camusdarach Beach
  4. Nairn Beach
  5. St Andrews West Sands Beach
  6. Loch Morlich
  7. Achmelvich Beach
  8. Dornoch Beach
  9. Balnakeil Beach
  10. Durness Beach

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