Simon Calder says book holidays in 2021 – holiday deals are incredible right now

Simon Calder: UK holiday companies offering 'great deals'

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Simon Calder urged Britons to go ahead and book a summer holiday in the UK this year. His travel advice comes after the Government warned travel might not be able to go ahead as it’s too soon to predict how the land will lie. However, Simon says it’s safe to get something in the diary, provided you take the necessary precautions.

“Don’t tell people not to book holidays because it’s perfectly rational to book holidays if you book the right one,” he said on This Morning as he shared his travel advice.

What’s more, there are some great deals to be snapped up now which Britons should make the most of.

“The big holiday companies in the UK, so we’re talking about Butlins, Havens, Centre Parcs, Forest Holidays, all of them offering great, great deals,” said Simon.

In fact, many of these companies are hoping to be back in business as early as next month.

“They are most definitely keen to get back to work, giving us holidays in the first half of March,” said Calder.

“A number of them actually said March 8, which of course is the date that we’re hoping that schools will go back in England.”

Furthermore, for those holidaymakers who are nervous about booking, these companies are all offering full refunds.

“If you’re worried about committing, I am just seeing the most fantastic refund promises from these companies,” said Calder.

“They say, ‘Yeah, of course, if government action means you can’t take this holiday, you will get a full cash refund’ – not, ‘We’ll keep your money in our account and you can have a holiday in 2022’ – you actually get your money back.

“Many of them are also doing it even if you just decide, ‘Actually I’m a bit worried don’t really feel like it, I’d like my money back instead’.

“So amazing offers they are putting in place.”

However, Calder warned that he’s not seeing as many great refund promises for foreign holidays.

However, he said that booking a package holiday if you’re looking to go abroad is the safest option.

Calder also recommended booking with “real human travel agents.”

“I’ve always used travel agents for anything where I want reassurance,” the travel expert said.

“They’re great, they’re the real professionals who’ve been doing this for years and got loads of experience, they’ll give you guidance and also give you reassurance.”

Calder added: “I would urge people who are worried about booking already to go ahead, talk to somebody and get it sorted out.”

The key to booking a getaway right now, he said, is simply to know what to expect if the trip is called off.

“Whatever the government ministers might say, it is perfectly rational to book a holiday, as long as you know what the cancellation conditions are,” Calder concluded.

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