Simon Calder warns ‘less choice & higher prices’ for holidays – but ‘they won’t sell out’

Holidays: Simon Calder gives advice on booking travel on GMB

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Holidays have become more complicated than ever before due to the Covid pandemic. Travel is currently banned and there’s no clear answer on when lockdown will be over. Many Britons have started optimistically buying Easter and summer holidays amid concerns holiday hotspots will fill up while others are worried about trips being cancelled and losing money.

Expert Simon Calder shared his travel advice with Good Morning Britain viewers this morning.

He explained that Britons don’t need to worry about holidays running out.

However, he warned that holidaymakers may be faced with less choice than they’d like coupled with higher prices.

“The biggest holiday company, TUI, has already said, ‘We’re going to offer 80 percent of the holidays we did last year’, and the average selling price so far is 20 percent higher,” Calder explained.

“So, I’m afraid everybody you’re going to have to expect less choice and higher prices.

“But don’t worry about them all selling out.

“There are lots of people thinking, ‘Now I’d love to look forward to a holiday but I really can’t afford to stump up hundreds of pounds for something which might not happen.'”

However, Calder added: “I think you’ll be alright.”

He continued: “I heard on the radio this week a travel agent say, ‘Quick book your 2022 holiday now because the deals are running out.’

“That is complete tosh, there will be enough holidays to go around.”

That said, Calder added that at peak summer season holidays might be harder.

“There’s going to be peak time in August when it might get a bit tricky,” he said.

Due to the high levels of uncertainty right now, though, Calder cautioned: “Just please be really careful about how you book.”

Going to a human travel agent to discuss your option is a great option.

“If your holiday doesn’t go ahead, you are entitled to a full refund,” said Calder, “but as millions of people have found you don’t automatically get that, particularly if you’ve booked online through an agent you don’t really know, or if you’ve arranged something yourself.

“So please, book a proper package holiday through an actual real human travel agent.

“Or indeed go to one of the fantastic UK companies that are offering money back, not only if the holiday doesn’t go ahead, but also if you change your mind if you’re not feeling like it.”

The key, said Calder, is to: “Hope for the best [but] be prepared for disappointment.”

Nevertheless, he added: “If you want something to look forward to, book a good holiday in the UK, or abroad, just make sure you know what the cancellation conditions are.”

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