‘Simple’ Holiday money-saving tip to ‘save hundreds’ and ‘fewer crowds’

Simon Calder on the impact of travel disruptions

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Demand for holidays is high this year and many British travellers are eager to get away. How can Britons find a deal?

Nicky Kelvin, head of the Points Guy and travel expert, told Express.co.uk: “Travelling off-season will save you money on flights, hotels and award redemptions. Avoid August in Southern Europe if possible.

“Plus you’ll face far fewer crowds and avoid long lines, especially when visiting major tourist attractions.

“If you don’t mind spending longer travelling you can also save money on taxes and fees by starting your long-haul journey from mainland European cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris, if you’re able to get a cheap connecting flight or train ticket.”

Connecting flights can be a lot cheaper than direct flights although tourists should make sure they have a long enough time between the two flights.

Nicky added: “Closer to home you could also check flights from Scottish airports which can often be cheaper than those found in English airports due to schools in both countries being off at different times.”

Scottish and English schools have slightly different summer holiday breaks so people that live near the border could find a deal.

Nicky said: “Be flexible with your dates, often booking flights for the last week of the summer holidays rather than the first week can save you hundreds of pounds.”

Many families choose to go away at the start of the school holiday so waiting until the last week could save money.

He said: “Sometimes it can be as simple as choosing the right day for travel.

“Flights on Saturdays are typically more expensive and by simply flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday you could find great savings.”

Many working Britons choose to fly out on a Saturday or Friday evening to make the most of their weekend.

Britons could save by waiting until the start of the week to travel as flights are likely to be cheaper then.

If tourists can be flexible on dates it pays to search across a whole month or week rather than for a specific day.

Airlines may have deals for less popular travel dates which could help Britons save a lot of money.

Nicky added: “I would also advise using the right card for purchases abroad.

“Unfortunately, most points-earning UK credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee (about three percent).

“However, depending on the value of the points you can earn, you may come out on top when using one of these cards abroad.

“Lastly, don’t forget to travel light. Almost all European airlines charge for holding luggage, and many taxi drivers around Europe will also add on fees for baggage.

“You can avoid this by packing lightly, using things like packing cubes or wearing travel clothing.”

Many budget airlines will now charge extra for an overhead cabin bag so Britons will need to factor that into the price of a ticket.

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