Slip ‘n’ slide festival opens & you can whiz down a mountain on 1.5-mile course

If you are looking for something different from a holiday, then you may want to consider the "world's largest' slip 'n' slide festival".

Slide the Slopes has opened for adrenaline junkies who want to get their heart pumping.

It takes place this summer in Pennsylvania, US, and will let visitors whizz their way down a mountain along a 1.5-mile course.

The location has one of the largest peaks in the Lehigh Valley at the Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

It has been transformed into the ultimate playground for a summer of fun.

The festival, which kicked off last Friday (July 16), describes itself as the world's "longest and biggest inflatable slip n' slide festival".

The resort hosts skiiers in the winter months, however as temperatures rise and the snow melts, the site is perfect for those hoping to race down the hillside in another way – cooling off from the summer rays as they speed along a watery track.

The "epic tubing experience" allows visitors to grab a rubber ring or lilo and launch themselves down the travelling course, which spans a huge 1.5 miles and features more than 20 routes.

Sliders are transported up the mountain on ski lifts and stand-on conveyors. This means you won't have to get all hot and sweaty making your way up the hill.

The event runs all summer until September 6, with tickets costing $34.99 (£25) for a two-hour window. Prices also transport up the mountain.

As well as individual tickets, the festival also offers family four-pack passes, along with discounted group packages.

The website says: "Slide The Slopes is the longest and biggest inflatable slip n' slide festival in the world. With over a mile of slides, everyone is sure to have a fabulous time!

"Nature has the backdrop, we've got the slides, and you have the fun!

"Slide The Slopes is owned and operated by creators some of the most popular events on planet earth. Millions of people have visited our events and literally, every year billions read about us or seen photos online.

"Creating unique, fun and exciting experiences is at our core and there is no better place than nature's backyard to experience the best real-life adventure in a fun, safe, and exciting way. Come see us today!"

People seem to be loving it so far, judging by customer testimonials on the website.

One person exclaimed: "Slide the Slopes was so fun! The tubes make for a soft ride down the hill, we loved it!"

While another added: "Slide the Slopes was the highlight of my summer. As a college kid, trying to make every dollar count, this is the best bang for your buck. I would recommend this to all of my friends and their friends and their friends friends…"

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