'Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy': What's on the menu

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After watching “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” you’ll undoubtedly search for something to eat.

Every episode is stuffed with regional specialties, prepared in family kitchens and scenic restaurants alike.

Below is an episode-by-episode guide to where you can find some of the dishes Tucci eagerly samples on-screen. Check back each week for updates, and watch “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Missed an episode? Catch up here on CNNgo.

Naples And The Amalfi Coast

In the premiere episode, Tucci travels to Campania, a region whose volcanic landscape contributes to its stunning local produce. From buffalo mozzarella to lemons on the Amalfi Coast, local cooks make the most of the bounty.

  • Pizza Fritte de Fernanda: Professor Elisabetta Moro introduced Tucci to this fried pizza purveyor, where they snacked on hot bundles filled with pork and ricotta.
  • Pizzeria la Notizia: Enzo Coccia, who made Tucci a classic pizza in the episode, actually wrote the globally recognized standards on making the best Neapolitan pizza. You’ll find his Michelin-recognized work here.
  • Chiku: While in Scampia, Tucci visited this eatery “in which Neapolitan and Balkan cuisine find a fusion and a common dimension,” as Chiku describes.
  • Il Focolare: Tucked away on the island of Ischia, a ferry’s ride away from Naples, this restaurant draws crowds thanks to its coniglio all’ischitana, made with local wild rabbit.
  • Lo Scoglio: Come for the views of the Amalfi Coast, stay for Tucci’s favorite spaghetti and zucchini dish, spaghetti alla nerano.
  • Pasticceria Sal De Riso: When life gives pastry chef Sal De Riso Amalfi Coast lemons, he makes a revolutionary confection called a lemon delight cake. (The key to the dessert’s “delight”? Lots and lots of cream.)


In this episode, Tucci heads to Rome in search of the famous four pastas. Watch February 21.


Tucci explores Bologna, seen by many as the food capital of Italy. Watch February 28.


Tucci eats and drinks his way around Milan, enjoying an aperitivo and feeling inspired to make pizzoccheri — a noodle made from buckwheat. Watch March 7.


Tucci explores his former home of Tuscany with a wine bar crawl and a celebration of the lowly loaf. Watch March 14.


Tucci visits Sicily, where he tries a salty crunchy sensation and reflects on Sicilian hospitality. Watch March 21.

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