Stay in a KFC themed hotel with a free on-call chicken concierge this summer

Fans of the Colonel will be thrilled to hear that they will be able to stay at a KFC-themed hotel from the end of this month.

And, the snazzy stay includes a 24 hour chicken concierge who will bring you free wings whenever you want them!

The pop up suite, launched by, will open up in Shoreditch, London, so Brits can enjoy a finger lickin’ holiday.

The “House of Harland” hotel also has a private cinema too and a Hot Winger arcade machine for you to play.

Any guests who stay at the chicken-themed hotel will be picked up in a black Cadillac named the Colonelmobile.

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Then, they’ll be checked into the hotel by the “chick-in clerk”!

Guests can watch plenty of “chick flicks” in the cinema room and spot the drumsticks on the wallpaper and other chicken-y decor.

And, obviously the best part of the stay is the chicken concierge!

You can order fresh KFC food straight to your room at any time of the day or night just by hitting a button.

The rooms are only available from August 18 to August 29 though so you’ll need to be snappy about booking your slot.

And, you can only stay for one night.

Bookings will open up on August 11 at 11am and a night’s stay will set you back £111 all of which goes to the KFC Foundation.

That’s the chicken chain’s charity branch which helps to nurture young people.

We love the use of the number 11 which represents the 11 herbs and spices used in KFC’s original recipe.

If you want to secure your stay then head here next week!

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