Stunning Emirates flight attendant shares ‘strict’ uniform and appearance rules

A flight attendant for airline Emirates has revealed some hidden facts about the “elegant” uniform – and the strict rules cabin crew must comply with.

Anyone who’s ever flown with Emirates knows it's a cut above when it comes to food, comfort and service and much of that is down to the beautifully dressed stewardesses.

The flight attendants don their white and magenta uniform complete with a stunning pillbox-style hat and floaty white scarf.

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TikTok user Daniboy, real name Danielle, who has over 329,000 followers and works as a stewardess, posted on the platform recently regarding the famous Emirates hat.

And, the video quickly went viral with 2.9million views from keen travellers who love the Emirates look.

Danielle captioned the clip: “Facts about the Emirates hat you probably didn’t know.”

In the video she demonstrated herself taking off the hat and showed it in detail to the camera.

She said: “The scarf is attached to the hat by Velcro so that it can be removed for cleaning.

“Makeup can make the scarf dirty however dry cleaning is provided by the company.”

The cabin member showed how the floaty white scarf detached from the hat.

Danielle continued: “The hat is to be worn during boarding, disembarking and any time we are in public.

“It can be removed however when we are eating and drinking.”

She then placed the hat on her head and arranged the scarf as per the uniform requirements.

Danielle said: “It should be worn slightly tilted forward and it must sit one inch above your eyebrows.

“The scarf should be draped neatly around your neckline and the end of the scarf must be tucked into the draped part.”

In another video, Danielle noted that Emirates flight attendants could not have visible tattoos, must be at least five foot two, must be at least 21 and slim with a healthy BMI.

In the comments people were fascinated by the strict rules and the stunning uniform.

One commenter said: “It just screams class and elegance!”

“My dream job has been cabin crew since I was eight but I’ve never wanted to work for Emirates, the beauty standards are way too strict,” said an aviation industry hopeful.

While another added: “Have to say watching an Emirates flight crew walk through the airport it always reminds me of a movie of early aviation days, class and elegance.”

While a fourth joked: “Do you have to be an absolute goddess to work there?”

Others said the young woman was "stunning" and looked "professional".

What do you think of these requirements? Tell us in the comments…


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