Take a sneak peek inside the Boeing factory as they build a Dreamliner plane

Aviation fans can get a glimpse inside the Boeing factory thanks to a new all-access documentary from British Airways .

British Airways 24/7: Access All Areas will air on Channel 5, and the first episode offers a sneak peek inside Boeing's headquarters in Seattle.

In a teaser clip, Gavin Shearer, BA's Aircraft Delivery Manager, visits the headquarters as he prepares to buy the airline's 30th Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

It offers a pretty fascinating glimpse inside the factory, complete with sneak peeks of the Dreamliner aircraft being built, spray painted and prepared for the sale.

The manufacturing site doesn't just build Dreamliners – it's also where Boeing 747, 767, 777, and 787 aircraft are made. (You can find out more at futureofflight.org ).

The episode will also see Gavin and his team working against the clock with the aircraft manufacturer to finalise the deal and fly the new aircraft to Heathrow in time to operate its first flight to Toronto.

Gavin said: "Buying a new car is stressful enough. Buying a new aircraft is a bit like that, but a lot more expensive and a lot more complicated.

"It really is an enormous privilege to be in charge of delivering these incredible, modern planes for British Airways, but I’m just one small part of a huge team responsible for making sure the aircraft is ready to enter service for our customers in just a few days."

British Airways is currently expanding its fleet as it aims to take delivery if 73 new aircraft as part of a five-year investment plan.

The project also includes existing aircraft receiving a makeover.

For example, the documentary will also include footage inside British Airways' engineering base in Cardiff where a long-haul Boeing 777 aircraft will be stripped down and completely refurbished.

The new four-part documentary comes as British Airways celebrates its centenary year.

The first episode of British Airways 24/7: Access All Areas will air on Channel 5 on Thursday 5th September at 9pm .

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