The Green Book: The black travel guide behind the film which opened up America

The Green Book

was the big winner at this week’s Golden Globes.

This odd-couple road movie through the 1960s ‘Deep South’ took home Best Motion Picture, Best Screenplay, and best supporting actor for Mahershala Ali – who played Dr Don Shirley to Viggo Mortensen’s Tony “Lip” Vallelonga. As a wanderlust-stoking road trip the film has so much going for it.

However, the film’s most remarkable accolade is to be the first Golden Globe winner to be based on a travel guide.

Murray’s Dude Ranch, in Victorville, CA

Catering to black patrons, the scenic desert ranch outside LA was also the set for cowboy movies including The Bronze Buckaroo. The 1939 western was one of the first made by African-American directors and performers for African-American audiences, starring black cowboy singer Herb Jeffries.

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