The wacky and gross photos that will turn you off Airbnbs for good

Travelers reveal the most HORRIFYING vacation rentals they’ve ever seen – from the unexpected sex dungeon to a moldy hot tub… and it’s enough to put you off Airbnb forever!

  • One Redditor made a post simply titled ‘Disgusting Airbnb in Quebec City’ 
  • They said ‘every crevice of the mattress was full of dirt, crumbs, and hair’
  • Another Airbnb guest discovered a sex dungeon which wasn’t on the listing 

Sometimes things don’t live up to expectations, as these jaw-dropping images of vacation rentals show.  

Shocked holidaymakers have been taking to social media to share videos and photos of their substandard accommodation offerings, with mold, dirt, and bizarre room configurations among the mix. 

One Redditor said they got more than they bargained for, when they got to their Airbnb and discovered a sex dungeon that wasn’t stated in the listing and ‘wasn’t even hidden.’ They said the whole thing was ‘kinda odd’ as they shared an image of the room. 

Scroll down to feast your eyes on the wacky, weird and sometimes gross side of vacation rentals…

‘Dirt, crumbs, and hair’ 

One Redditor made a post simply titled ‘Disgusting Airbnb in Quebec City,’ with photos showcasing the vacation rental’s dirty interiors. She said the ‘whole place was filthy’

The refrigerator in the apartment didn’t look very appetizing and the Airbnb guest said ‘every crevice of the mattress was full of dirt, crumbs, and hair’

Toilet humor

Another Redditor said the ‘decorative plaque’ in their Airbnb bathroom ‘jokes about the despair of having no toilet paper, and yet there is no toilet paper in this bathroom and nowhere to store it’


This bathroom at an Airbnb in Oxford, UK, was described by a Redditor as ‘truly unique,’ with the shower and toilet in the same cubicle

X-rated amenities  

A holidaymaker was shocked to find a ‘weird’ sex dungeon in their Airbnb. They explained on Reddit that there were no photos of the room on the listing and ‘it’s not like it’s hidden… odd’

Not-so hot tub 

After booking an Airbnb for its hot tub, one traveler wasn’t impressed with what they found. They revealed on Reddit that it ‘smelled terrible and was obviously not cleaned in forever’

Spot the difference 

One Airbnb didn’t look anything like it did in the listing, as these side-by-side photos posted to Reddit show 

Fortunately the traveler didn’t get too angry about being misled. They wrote: ‘Yeah, it sucked. But we couldn’t help but laugh. We just got a nice hotel that Airbnb helped pay for’

Left sea-thing…

One Redditor posted this image of a slither of sea just visible, along with the caption: ‘I reserved an Airbnb with sea view… can’t complain’

Wash and go 

One traveler’s Airbnb in Helsinki had this bathroom layout. They wrote on Reddit: ‘On the bright side, I could potentially brush my teeth, shower, and do a number two at the same time’

Let down in LA 

TikToker @kerbirae said she showed up at her Airbnb in Los Angeles and found it completely disheveled with stains on the carpet, mess everywhere and the mattress soiled 

Many viewers expressed their horror after watching @kerbirae’s video. One commenter wrote: ‘I hope they didn’t charge more than five bucks for that’

@airbnb beyond gross #airbnb #LA #dirty

Kitchen conundrum 

The layout of one Airbnb kitchen left one traveler bemused. They shared a snap of the space on Reddit and wrote: ‘The oven can’t open past this point due to the kitchen counter blocking’ 

Practical joke?  

A Redditor visited their friend’s Airbnb and was left mystified by this unusual wall feature. They posted an image of it on a thread and asked: ‘Has anyone seen this before? Is it a joke?’ But commenters were equally as baffled by the fixture

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