These Are the 200 Most Popular Cat Names of 2020

The year 2020 saw a surge in pet adoptions, leaving shelters empty as people brought new work-from-home companions into their lives. So, what did all these new pet parents name their fuzzy friends? Rover rounded up the most popular cat names of 2020 by looking at their pet database and determining the top monikers chosen last year. Some owners opted for cute cat names inspired by popular movies and TV shows, like Simba and Nala, while others, like Mickey, Tigger, and Garfield, took their cue from classic cartoon characters. 

Further down, you'll find more unique cat names, like Clyde, Hobbes, Freya, and Bonnie. And while these lists are separated by boy and girl cat names, many work for any fuzzy companion. In fact, several names, including Oreo, Tiger, Peanut, Shadow, Smokey, and Kitty, appear on both lists. Below, find the most popular cat names of 2020.

Top 100 Boy Cat Names

Top 100 Girl Cat Names

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